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Love Without Warning: A Collection of Short Stories - PDF Ebook

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This collection of gripping short stories about infidelity and human relationships that remain outside social acceptance will literally take you on a roller-coaster journey of suspense, love, passion, and forgiveness, with the suspense element playing a key role. The pages of this book offer the readers a few insights, answers, and clues to help them come to terms with unplanned love attractions that strike beyond the realm of the sacred knot, without carrying a sense of guilt.

“Swapna expresses various dimensions of an extramarital relationship… These are stories of ordinary people in ordinary circumstances which can be related to real life … An enjoyable fast-read, the book leaves you with a lot to ponder.”
-From the Foreword by Swarupa Chavan, award-winning novelist

“Swapna Gopinath is an excellent storyteller, who writes sensibly and sensitively on the bold theme of extramarital affairs in her astounding collection of short stories. Each story subtly weaves in a message, which is not moralistic but delves into the reason why the protagonist crosses the Lakshman Rekha. The stories have brilliant climaxes. I can’t name my favourite story, because all are so unique and fascinating.”
-Oswald Pereira, Journalist and Bestselling Author

“Love Without Warning is a highly intriguing book with a collection of short stories about the contemporary extramarital journey. It was a page-turner for me because I am passionate about the topic of human nature and why we behave the way we do… Each story in this book is a journey of the highs, the lows, the pitfalls, and the ordeals that can occur in this type of relationship. Kudos to Swapna Gopinath for broaching this particular subject which helps us to see far and wide. I highly recommend this book for all of us because none of us really knows when forbidden love will strike without warning but at least, these stories show us many examples to prove that prevention is indeed better than the cure.”
-Amy I. Ramdass. Chief Creative Coordinator, Envision Earth Media

About the Author

Swapna Gopinath was born in the Kerala state of India, renowned as ‘God’s Own Country,’ and was raised in another equally beautiful place near the sea, Goa. Armed with a Masters in Business Administration and a passion for numbers, she was a part of the talent acquisition function for various multinationals for over 12 years. Currently, she is the Chief Marketing and Promotions Manager of Envision Earth Media and Envision Earth Magazine. Swapna grew up with an ardent interest in reading. She has now ventured into writing. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading and trying different cuisines worldwide.

This short story collection on the theme of extramarital relationships is her debut work of fiction. Her first Kindle E-book Cherry Picking for the Lazy Bums entered the Amazon bestsellers list by reaching the highest rank of #79 in and #6 in It presents practical and simplified methods related to the Law of Attraction that as many people as possible can practise to enrich their lives, and is based on her extensive research on the Law of Attraction besides the real-life miracles she has experienced. Her second book, A Few Hours of Smart Work or A Lifetime of Hard Work? details her own daily routine and methods that have worked for her in the process of manifesting her dream life.

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