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Emerge By Rohan Guptan

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by Rohan Guptan

Size: 11.69 x 8.27 inches

Oil on paper


About the Artist

Two decades of being in advertising has given Rohan Guptan an opportunity to delve into a broad spectrum of expressions. Over a period of time, he found himself increasingly manifesting it on the canvas.

He draws inspiration from the energy he perceives in the world around him.

Energy is a vehement muse. It stimulates you to look beyond just the obvious, exposing intricate layers while making the connect more intimate.

This source of inspiration is also limitless. It surrounds us in innumerable forms, both animate and inanimate.

This process of self-discovery has been a catalyst in his successful transition from being an enthusiast to a professional. Rohan's work finds a place in the collections of seasoned private collectors as well as several first-time buyers.

You can view his work on his Instagram page. For enquiries, please email me.


Praise for Rohan Guptan

"I find Rohan's art very meaningful and impactful. I am able to relate to his artwork and the labour of his love for his work is evident in the surreal nature of the art. I would love to see more of his work, and that too across the globe. The world will have a chance to see and appreciate his work. "

- Sean Dsouza, CA, Mumbai

"Rohan Guptan's paintings have a vibrancy and energy which I find exhilarating. The works embody positivity and vitality. The richness of the colours and the strong energy of the form create engaging and lively works of art. I am a proud owner of a painting from the Bul series, and my family and I love discovering the little details in the painting even today, years after we got it. Rohan's works are clearly differentiated and occupy a visual space of their own."

- Anil Ramachandran, Banker, Chennai

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